How can I play with Cardano?
Get / Hold
Talk briefly about how to get ADA and how to hold it, focusing on the really important points.
Talk about how you can participate in test net staking and main net staking.
Survey / Community
Talk about how you can get the latest information and  interact with the Cardano community.


Show you how to get ADA.Very simple but if you mistake some operation, you may lost all ADA. So strictly be careful.

Decide the criteria to choose Exchangr. If me
・ Trustworthiness (Many exchanges are closed without notice) ( Example: market cap of the exchange’s currency / reputation on TwitterGoogle etc.)
・High liquidity (check from the coin-market-cap, etc. Low liquidity may lead you surprisingly disadvantageous transaction)
・ How much is the transaction fee etc … you may consider more criteria, but I don’t consider so much other criteria because (1) The other above criterias are x100 important (2)  I am not day trader.

I chose “Binance” considering the above.
If you want to trade with Binance, you can register from the link below.
If you register from the link below, Binance will give me referral fee , and we will allocate the server fee / domain fee of this site, so if you like this site, register from this link is.
(Of course there are no disadvantages to you!)
Binance account opened with support for this site
If you think that this site is not so valuable, you can search by Google.
There are many Binance fake sites, so check carefully from reliable source.

2 Use/Hold

It is extremely dangerous to leave it on an exchange that is often hacked and closed.

1 Download Daedalus  or Yoroi

Move ADA to Daedalus or Yoroi(certified by Cardano)

Yoroi has a lightweight and easy-to-use smartphone app
Daedalus is a full node, and since it is created directly by IOHK and updates are also fast, it can be said that it is slightly safer.

→I intend to hold ADA for a long time and I like Daedalus design, so I put it in Daedalus.

2 Follow the instructions on the screen and carefully store the “recovery phrase” that appears on the way


The “recovery phrase” is everything, and if you lose or stolen it, you lose all your assets and no one can help you, so think carefully about how to manage it. Hint,

・ Screenshots and storage in smartphones / drop boxes are really crazy, probably all ada will be lost within a few years!
・ It is necessary to store in multiple places. If you keep it in only one place, you will lose it if you lose it in a fire or an earthquake or forget it is stored there.
・ In my opinion, it is dangerous to keep all phrases in one place. Because if it is robbed, you lose everything. Cryptocurrency was safe because it was decentralized. Of course, it is better to separate phrases and put decentralized place.
・ Let’s think on the premise that everything in the house may burn out. It is dangerous to keep phrases in different parts of the one house. It may be possible to keep some (not all) phrases in other trusted home.

3 Send ADA from the exchange to Daedalus or Yoroi.

ADA will receive money in less time.。

4 If you want more security, move your balance to a hard or paper wallet


If Daedalus or Yoroi is connected to the internet, you may be hacked. If you have a large number of ADA, you may want to have the highest level of security possible.
In that case, you can buy a hard wallet of a commercial authorized dealer (you lose ada if you use the wrong store!) or create a paper wallet with the paper wallet creation function in Daedalus or Yoroi.

Please keep in mind that the recovery phrase must be stored anyway, and when dealing with a hard wallet, you must consider whether the hard wallet is really a problem or a reliable company.

We will update the test staking as soon as it becomes available.
Be sure to wait in Daedalus or Yoroi. You cannot participate if you leave it in the exchange.

Also, I will operate a stake pool , so please check this site if you like.

How do you collect information and connect with community members?

In conclusion, it depends on the “interest level”, which level of information you are interested in.

Level1:Only the minimum information such as starting staking

Follow Twitter on Charles, IOHK, CardanoFoundation and Emurgo.
Let’s keep notification on. The minimum amount of information is gathered.

Level2:Information about what community are paying attention to

You can observe the reaction of the community, and ask questions if you are not sure.

Level3:I want to not miss the news

Forum, official Facebook.
If you follow up to these , you will not miss most of the news.

Level4:Average ADA investor level

Official website, roadmap.

Level5:Higher level than ordinary ADA investors

Raddit, Emurgo Blog
Community and Emurgo has a little deeper thought.

Level6:Enthusiastic fan level

White Paper / YOUTUBE / IOHK Blog Article
The IOHK blog are written as easily as possible, although they are very advanced because they are written by professors.

Level7:Latest information slightly technical level.

Weekly technology update, Cardano update, AMA

Level8:Want to know everything

IOHK paper, Github, Testnet.
・ Because it is academic base, read papers
・ Because it is open source, read Github
・ Because there is a community cooperation type testnet, play testnet and contribe to the development of Cardano while understanding Cardano

You will be able to grasp almost everything Cardano knows.

However, the content is extremely technical and difficult.
So I’m going to cover all the information up to level 8 as much as possible, and explain it in an easy-to-understand manner. So please check this !

・ CardanoZ (this homepage)
My Twitter

Check the following according to your interests.
Official support
Official Daedalus
Official explorer
Official payment layer instructions
Official staking instructions
List of listed companies (CMP)
Genesis Block
Genesis Block distribution
Pre-sale audit